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Beatrix X Kurimu

Beatrix is teaming up with local Asian-inspired ice cream shop, Kurimu, to take National Ice Cream Month to the next level! Throughout July, enjoy limited-edition, Beatrix-inspired soft serve parfaits topped with signature Beatrix cookie crumbles  and crave-worthy syrups and sauces, available exclusively at your nearest Kurimu location. Now that’s cool.

Oh My! Caramel Parfait
caramel & white chocolate soft serve, Beatrix Chocolate Chunk Cookie crumbles, caramel sauce
available at the Kurimu Wicker Park location

Butterscotch Chocolate Parfait
chocolate & vietnamese coffee soft serve, Beatrix Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookie crumbles, brown sugar syrup
available at the Kurimu Schaumburg location

Sakura Strawberry Parfait
sakura & pandan flavor soft serve, Beatrix Strawberry Macaroon crumbles, strawberry sauce
available at the Kurimu Taylor Street location

Beatrix Magic Parfait
kettle corn & caramel soft serve, Beatrix Magic Cookie crumbles, caramel sauce
available at the Kurimu Lincoln Park location

The Beatrix x Kurimu featured flavors will be available July 1 – July 31. Visit your nearest Kurmiu location for pricing and hour details.

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